VIP Experiences

Let’s go beyond expectations

It is wonderful to live outside the established framework and stereotypes. This is for those who one day will sit down and write their memoirs. In the end, we at GEO TRACE believe that every moment should be special, incomparable, so that events are memorized not only as a consequence of their number, but also for their uniqueness. This is how the refined natures act.

So, these VIP Experiences are meant to occupy a special place in your memory… Have you ever imagined having lunch in a traditional terrace, just for you or your private group, with a quartet of Georgian polyphony right next to your table? Have you ever thought about creating your own wine with the help of some of the best Georgian winemakers and then drink it with your loved one? What about helping in the preparation of a chakhohpuli alongside a Chef?

These are just some of the VIP Experiences that we want to share with you so that you can enjoy the best life that Georgia can offer. We will worry about the detail and satisfaction of your requests, leaving up to you the most important part of the program: enjoying it with the ones you like the most.
As always, we adapt to your expectations and interests, so we’ll gladly present you a personalized program for you


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