• This is Georgia by Geo Trace

    This is Georgia by Geo Trace

    Geo Trace has already become a good helper and companion for many guests in Georgia. We have proved that we know the secret corners of our country. We are ready to explain our pride and love for our small country and its glorious history. We understand what you need to see, hear and remember when you come here. And now, it is just necessary to say: “Aba tsavidet!”, which means “Let’s hit the road!” in Georgian.
  • Georgia shares its love of life and energy

    Georgia shares its love of life and energy

    Geo Trace offers individual impressions about Georgia. Travel! Be surprised! Discover Georgia! This country is more diverse than you may have imagined, and we at Geo Trace are ready to contribute to your discoveries.

Georgia – unique experience

We offer original and unforgettable impressions of Georgia..

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Discover why “Wine” means “Georgia”

The Georgian feast is well known all over the world. Try, touch the Georgian traditions of the feast with us in a unique way, experience its generosity. Enjoy the live wine that has been made and drunk in this land for 8000 years

Discover Georgia

And now, it is just necessary to say: “Aba tsavidet!”, which means “Let’s hit the road!” in Georgian.

Our Tours

Our private tours are created to become your exclusively warm memorable experience. Our offer is designed to meet your expectations – perhaps even surpass them!


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Let’s go beyond expectations It is wonderful to live outside the established framework and stereotypes. This is for those who one day will sit down and write their memoirs.

About us

  • Escaping moments, reminders of a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, bright landscapes, about everything that Georgia can offer you.

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  • Excursions should not be tiresome. It is important that they reflect the interests of the guests. You come to rest, and I want to help make up heartfelt memories of a part of your vacation.

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  • “Tickle your nerves” – field trips to remote corners of Georgia, routes to nature reserves, see what opens only persistent and goal-oriented.

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  • Tbilisi is valuable for its colorful people, gastronomy and indispensable communication in everyday life. My favorite pastime is a day on the streets of the old city, where you can inhale the smells of coffee and fruit, witness a game of panduri or duduk.

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